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About R.A.A.


My name is Jared Smith, and I am excited to be partnering with my wife in this next venture for Revolution Studio!


In our household we have 4 boys whom are following their own competitive path. My son, Nixon, had the privilege of training at a football academy in Irvine, CA who had a similar homeschool program to what Ashley has started at RDA. Since then, it has been my goal to develop a similar program for athletes. From being a prop dad at competitions, to coaching my own sons, I can't think of a better way to fuse this family owned business!


As a parent, I am drawn to the fact that Revolution provides a Learning Coach for students to be successful with distance learning, and have the opportunity to train up to 15 additional hours a week! I know my son would benefit immensely from an opportunity such as this! Like our competitive dance moms, I am completely invested in my child's future, which is why I am starting Revolution Athletic Academy! A place where boys and girls of all athletic interests and abilities can receive alternative education, and enhance their athletic performance with certified athletic coaches.


 I have personally witnessed the overall growth in the dancers in this program, and am excited to extend that opportunity to all boys and girls!