Fierce Dance Company


The NEW Fierce Dance Company 2020


2020 has been a crucial time to come together in unity, embrace change, and to rebuild. As RDA anticipates the day our dancers can return to their second home, we too have had to embrace change and rebuild. In times of uncertainty we look for any ounce of hope and encouragement to get by. With that, our staff has worked hard to restructure our Fierce Dance Company in a positive manner that will give everyone something new, exciting, and encouraging to return to. 


For those that don’t know the history of Fierce, Mrs. Ashley’s first competing group came up with “Fierce” and what it meant to them. When RDA opened in 2015, it was without a doubt our Company would be called Fierce. If you ask Revolution staff what it means to be Fierce, we feel it means to be fearless, inspiring, expressive, relentless, competitive, and elite. In blending what it means to be Fierce and the colors of our studio, we have created our new companies:


Ruby- for being fearless! 

Pink- for being inspirational! 

Teal- for being expressive! 

Onyx- for being relentless! 

Platinum- for being competitive! 

Crystal- for being elite!

"A Crystal shines all colors, which symbolizes not only the progression through our companies but the unity in all our teams, to truly be elite!" 





















As Revolution dancers progress through Fierce, they will be provided a colored ribbon to represent their company. The goal is to collect all ribbons by the end of your senior year. Our graduating seniors will be given a formal gift that encompasses all their colors. Any students who have been on our company under previous names will be given corresponding ribbons, and all new dancers will start with their ribbon of placement. Dancers missing ribbons that won’t have the opportunity to earn that ribbon by dancing on that company, will be provided opportunities to earn that ribbon. Lastly, team bonding, challenges, and spirit weeks will be incorporated by the use of Company colors.